Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Beethoven / Mitterer - Nine In One [Col Legno]

Fusing Classical music and electronics is a risky business and has always been, oftentimes settling for compromise and not necessarily pleasing the one or other audience right. With "Nine In One", released on Col Legno on July 13th, 2k18, we see Wolfgang Mitterer going even further, boiling the overall body of work of one of Classical music alltime greats down to nine pieces, blending all of his work together into one big composition, a condensed body of approx. 56 minutes total runtime that aims to prove that Beethoven is actually listenable / consumable in this modern day and age. An adventurous approach which finally results in a wild collage, a massive mix and blend, a rollercoaster of cut-ups which might cause 'heureka!'-moments or wild eruptions of hate for those familiar with classical music but fully fails for us on many levels - a lack of knowledge, a deep disinterest in the standards of classical music as well as a lack of access to any of the genres classics, Beethoven's back catalogue or any one person that might be a good reference to learn more about Classical music in general if we had to. Therefore this is a only maelstrom of a collage to us in which we're simply unable to specify which parts / samples / sequences have been taken form what composition or what has been re-arranged in what matter to meet the ideas of Wolfgang Mitterer for a reason. Therefore we're simply not qualified to reasonably review this at any given point in time.  

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