Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Jonas Kasper Jensen - Within The Temporal Experience [Clang Promo]

To be released way down the line in early fall, actually on September 28th, 2k18, is Jonas Kasper Jensen's new album on Clang, a six track piece in which the Danish artist goes sets out to work on the reprocessed recordings of string instruments. Opening with "An Indeterminancy Of Silence" we see him embark on an intense, slightly unnerving journey meandering in between Ambient pads and obviously distorted, off kilter midrange droning, "A Shape Within A Material" gravitates towards classic Ambient structures and "Silence Within The Sound" brings forth more warm pads and drones for genre lovers, with the occasional beautiful piano sound engrained in the slowly moving sonic flow. Furthermore "Eternity Within Finitude" caters well eternal droning pleasure dissolving space-time-perceptions once again, "From The One To The Other" - our favorite tune on the album - provides warm, autumnal melancholia for lost spaces of the heart and the final cut "The Passing By" adds a little bit of an eerie, haunting aspect to the Ambient genre, employing large scale production value and a remarkably spatial approach that surely qualifies this one to be used as a score piece in an epic feature film for a reason. Good stuff.


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