Monday, July 16, 2018

Konstrukt & Keiji Haino - A Philosophy Warping, Little By Little That Way Lies A Quagmire [Karlrecords 052 Promo]

Scheduled for release on August  31st, 2k18 via Karlrecords is the album "A Philosophy Warping, Little By Little That Way Lies A Quagmire" created by the Turkish FreeJazz duo that is Konstrukt in collaboration with Japanese Noize producer Keiji Haino. Featuring two lengthy compositions both exceeding the 20 minutes mark we see the albums opener "Into A Trap Surely So Elaborately Laid Air Has Entered And A Splendid, Beautiful Monster Now Swims" provide a wild ride into dusted, smoky 70s FreeJazz Psychedelia mixed with thundering drums and quirky vintage synth bleeps as well as a tense, more scenic second half of the cut whereas the second piece "Excess + Analysis = Courage" starts out with yearning sax and beautiful, hard hitting pianos before employing a more chaotic, multilayered approach incorporating wild, untamed guitar improvisations, loads of 80s sounding drums and a few eerily calm, atmospheric breakdowns and Santana'eque solos as well as Tarantino'esque guitar licks sending shivers down our spines. One for the hardcore FreeJazz audience for sure which, according to the audience noise captured on this live recordings, really enjoyed the performances for sure.


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