Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ital Tek - Bodied [Planet Mu 397 Promo]

Scheduled for release on September 7th, 2k18 via the classic Planet Mu-imprint is Ital Tek's "Bodied", a new album which sees the artist originally rooted in bass music progressing further and finally fully leaving the dancefloor behind with the thirteen tracks presented on this one. Opening with "Adrift" the artist paves the way for things to come, creating a beautiful crystalline take on pure Ambient beauty filled with ethereal background choir non-vocalisms, travelling distortions and large scale production surely influenced by Ital Tek's previous work for a computer game score, "Become Real" follows in a similar vein, paying homage to all the Synth masters and Ambient greats of the past and so does "Cipher", referencing alltime classics like Jean-Michel Jarre's "Zoolook" with its cut-up vocals and tense atmosphere as well as the rest of this album which is surely a recommended listen for all true score and Ambient lovers, especially for tunes like the captivating, highly dense Industrial Electronica piece that is "Lithic", the storming Future Electronics of "Hymnal" and the well scenic, beautifully structured "Blood Rain" appearing later throughout the course of the 54 minutes runtime. Sweet.


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