Friday, September 07, 2018

Thomas Janitzky - Letters [self-released CD-r]

Coming in from the deepest, most hidden vaults of the German underground scene is "Letters", the latest untitled, self-released CD-r by Thomas Janitzky who's also involved in the - also deeply underground-rooted - 7" imprint operating under the name of Arbeiten Und Nicht Verzweifeln. Bringing on four sketches unearthed from the artists archives the single / EP opens with a tune named "Dobly" which brings us a dry, dancefloor friendly take on fine, fast paced electroid Rhythm Industrial with a trippy twist whereas the follow up identified as "Wood Effect" takes a turn into droning, atmospheric Noize whilst "Wash" provides more of a raw, harsh and highly repetetive variation on a hybrid fusion of Rhythm Electronics and brain destructive, arythmically layered MonoTechno before the final cut that is "Prism" explores the dynamic range of Ambient pads to the very max with an array of partly cut-up non-climaxing sweeps of a soft, yet stimulating note. There is hope.

CD-r artwork on Instagram!


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