Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Wako - Urolige Sinn [Øra Fonogram]

Coming in with a letter from the Faroe Islands only recently was "Urolige Sinn", the latest album release by the Norwegian quartet named Wako which most prominently features the likes of Kjetil Mulelid and Martin Myhre Olsen as part of their cast. Released on the Øra Fonogram label the longplay piece serves a menu of thirteen tracks within an overall playtime of 34 minutes only which keeps a lot of the projects compositions under the magical two minutes mark. But this relatively short per track runtime does not prevent the quartet from providing quite a bunch of magical moments on "Urolige Sinn", be it the deep, melancholia infused Jazz Noir-opener "Jernvilje" or the lively, yet contemplative, piano- and sax-driven late night dancefloor swing of the follow-up "Skavlet Føre" whilst "Den Endeløse Planen" weighs in a hint of chaos within 106 seconds of FreeJazz-related sound and both "Snart Bli Jeg Far" as well as "En Liten Halftime Senere" heavily gravitate towards BarJazz for fancy cocktail sipping in expensive upper class venues. But these are only a few selected picks from an excellent Jazz-oriented album that every genre lover should consider to add to his collection for a reason. Check!

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