Tuesday, September 04, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 09/2018

01. Schlachthofbronx - Dun Dem / Soundbad [ZamZam Sounds 064]
Dub is a weapon and Schlachthofbronx are defo in for the kill with two tracks best described as spatial weapons of mass destruction. Stripped down and equipped with an earth-shaking low end as well as seductive melodic motifs these two tunes are timeless classics that every bass addict needs in his 7" collection.  

02. Global Electronic Network - Time Square [Sound Metaphors 005]
Re-release alert - and this is a big one. The first two parts of Global Electronic Network's 1994 Mille Plateaux-release "Time Square" which are featured on this 12" see electronic music legends Khan & Walker, the two faces behind G.E.N., bring on two epicly long efforts in Ambient Techno / Armchair Techno and spaced out Deep Listening Music for those who know. Defo a must have, this.

03. Quays - Swoo EP [Chewy Motto 001]
Slightly mysterious cat.no. 001 from thew Chewy Motto-label that somehow seems to be connected to the R & S Records family as their logo is featured on the label print as well. Produced in 2016 but obviously released only recently we see Quays filling the gap between Broken Beat / Phusion and Future Garage with four tunes including the big time anthem that is "By Your Side feat. Nancy Anderson" which is the most perfect, touching and beautiful closing tune in this genre you will ever come across ever whilst "Out Cold" on B2 brings on an anthemic, yet deep and heartfelt piano banger for advanced Future Garage sessions. Get.

04. Hot Like Jam / Very First Time [PXWHITE 001]
It's bootleg time! Both Beat International's "Dub Be Good To Me" as well as Madonna's "Like A Virgin" are getting an excellent, oldskool'ish Electro treatment and cater to the needs of all b-boys, breakers, pop lockers and mixmasters ready to surprise their crowds with new incarnations of well familiar alltime jams. Killer!

05. Sinistarr - Swinging Flavors #6 [Beat Machine Records]
More 7" magic is brought to us by this little yellow - ! - piece of goodness that is a kind of a novelty record of sorts, amalgamating both elements of Drum'n'Bass experimentalism and Juke / Footwork-references with uplifting vibes, highly pitched vocals, cheesy melodies and layers of Halftime in both "55555" as well as in "55555 *Philip D Kick Remix" for all open minded DJ's out there.

06. DJ Arg - Argonic Acid Trax [Super Rhythm Trax 023]
Acid from the deepest underground. Dark, hypnotic, jacking. Ever moving, yet full on hypnotic and defo a massive vinyl debut for DJ Arg who's been making waves on the scene with his productions on the Soundcloud-circuit for years on end. One cannot get a better Acid record than this one this month. Period.

07. Omsk Information & Dr. Walker - Mescaline Muzzikkk [Nona Records]
See review for details...

08. MAP 71 - Void Axis [Foolproof Projects 048]
See review for details...

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