Tuesday, October 02, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2018

01. Combat Dubs [Intrauterin Recordings 006]
No words necessary - my label Intrauterin Recordings is back. Check soundfiles and release info here....

02. Toni Moralez - Ghetto Techno [F.T.P. 005]
Heavy, raw and banging. From uncompromising GhettoHouse / Chicago Basement for those still in love with the brutalist sound of labels like Dance Mania to stripped down, 808-heavy Electro and even a tongue-in-cheek, GhettoBass-referencing bootleg of Ginuwine's legendary hormone-dripping anthem that is "Pony". Must have. Period.

03. Foreign Concept - Gozen EP [Critical Music 111]
One of the best, if not the best, Drum'n'Bass releases of the past months - stripped down, steppy, classic and yet with a highly modernistic flavor each of the four tunes on here brings its own distinct characteristics to the table, be it the warped mid-range synths and dubbed out rave stabs of "Kilmerdson", the dreamy, rolling, vocal-driven, dark'ish vibe of "Black Tea", the warm, overwhelming Minimal Drum'n'Bass flow of the title track which is a collaboration with Monti whereas "Ron Millionario" weighs in fast paced, sci-fi tension alongside classic vocal sample bits that, as far as we remember, have been most prominently used by Aquasky on their MSX EP once released on the seminal Moving Shadow label.

04. RP Boo - I'll Tell You What! [Planet Mu]
See review for details....

05. Wargirl - Poison / Sassgirl [Clouds Hill]
A limited whitelabel 7" release on Hamburg's Clouds Hill label I purchased directly at the legendary Clouds Hill Studios when I was invited to join the audience for the live recording session of the forthcoming Wargirl-album which is about to follow their most recent EP named "Arbolita". On "Poison" we see the band drifting off into ethereal, fascinating 80s-infused spheres on a crossover between PostPunk and Pop whereas "Sassgirl" brings forth a good portion of hefty P-Funk for steaming hot dancefloors on fire. Great stuff and - afaik - limited to 200 copies or even less.

06. Clans Of The Alphane Moon - Mission Alpha III [Sleepers Records]
Mr. Andrew Lagowski, the man behind Lagowski, S.E.T.I., Dr. Fleischbrittel and some other aliases as well as member of Nagamatzu reveals his latest musical project on the Berlin-based Sleepers Records-label. Employing the name Clans Of The Alphane Moon we see the long-term creative taking a turn on very British early 90s Techno / NuBeat on "Burst" whilst "Noisemap" dabbles with intense high-speed Techno and interesting vocal samples seemingly taken from an English speech dealing with space, although the vocal cuts sport an intense German accent. On the flip there's "Wired" bringing forth a hard hitting, EBM-informed approach towards Techno, "Mind In Motion" goes deep into subfrequent territories, robotic rhythms and psychedelic melodies before the final cut "Roppongi" gets down with the complex Electro / Phonk crew to a thrilling effect that's surely set to mesmerize advanced club crowds for a reason.

07. Taciturne - 6 Fragmente In Der Chronologie Des Wahnsinns [Synderesis Records 001]
What a re-issue. Originally put on the circuit via Hamburg's legendary Fischkopf-imprint these six tracks produced by Taciturne haven't lost any of their fascination in terms of deep, dark, athmospheric Hardcore and Breakcore and sound as timeless as ever in their raw, unprocessed beauty which includes the hammering rework of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry". Only for the headstrong, still, and limited to 200 copies in red vinyl.

08. Ivy Lab - Death Don't Always Taste Good [20/20 LDN Recordings]
Originally coming from a background of Drum'n'Bass it's safe to say that "Death Don't Always Taste Good" is the most advanced release for the duo that is Ivy Lab so far. Completely leaving the dancefloor and uptempo attitude behind the two producers create a universe of darkness and haunting atmospheres, sporting spooky, outerworldly vocal bits, alien sounds and even some Illbient references atop a foundation that's closer related to TripHop, Electronica and partly Trap than to any variation of contemporary Drum'n'Bass these days. Far out and therefore highly interesting.

09. Twin Peetz - Quartz [OD Cuts 003]
See review for details....

10. Schlakks / aniYo kore - Wer Eins Sacht... [self-released 7"]
See review for details....


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