Monday, November 19, 2018

Shadowbanned On Instagram?

Yes, sometimes one has to deal with social media myths and unfortunately this one here seems to be very real - the mysterious shadow ban. Affecting both baze.djunkiii's Instagram account to be found at as well as the hashtag #nitestylez on the platform and seemingly effective after this post from November 15th, 2k18 putting a new pile of incoming promos on display we've seen issues in terms of organic reach, like- as well as overall interaction rates plummeting from an estimated 26+ likes per post average to < 10 likes / interactions, all coming exclusively from followers of the channel and seemingly not reaching anyone beyond this group. Furthermore searching for #nitestylez on the platform reveals a message reading

'Recent posts from #nitestylez are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines'

which obviously does not apply for anything put on display on baze.djunkiii's channel as the aforementioned post as well as all others do follow the guidelines, the content strategy on this channel hasn't changed from the very beginning nor have we ever employed hashtag spam or any form of bot-led or paid channel growth manipulation. Therefore we presume that either someone used #nitestylez for posting inappropriate content on Instagram or the 'report content' functionality has been willingly abused to render baze.djunkiii's Instagram account close to useless for a certain amount of time. No matter what, we've reported the problem to Instagram by now, several times, will continue posting and hope to be fully back on track soon - no matter what the restrictions might be for now. To make sure to miss any of the content please follow directly and as well report a problem to the Instagram team if the posts arenot popping up in your subscription feed at all. Thank you!


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