Sunday, December 02, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2018

01. Horsepower Productions - Reefer Max / Phantasy Rush [Effective 96]
Horsepower Productions are back on track with a new 12" and probably it's their best work ever in their nearly 20 years spanning career. With "Reefer Max" they're catering greatly to an audience craving for heavily dubbed out Jungle - or Jungle Dub ? - with basslines as deep as the deepest subaquatic abyss and great spiritual vocal samples whereas "Phantasy Rush" on the flip brings back the ecstatic vibe of early 90s UK Hardcore / Proto-Jungle Breakbeat in a quite modernistic way. Get!

02. LA-4A /  Alden Tyrell [Delft 017]
More Acid goodness. Whilst LA-4A brings on both a dark, twisted take on BrokenAcid as well as proper, dry electroid stomper on his side of the 12" Mr. Alden Tyrell goes down an expertly crafted, fast-paced Chicago jack route with his offerings, lifting up bouncing to new levels of true madness and ecstasy. Killer.

03. Various Artists - Scotch Bonnet Records Presents Puffers Choice Vol. II [Scotch Bonnet Records]
Reggae, Reggae, Reggae... and a hint of Dub as well as Dubstep. This is what's to be found on this excellent 12 track compilation delivered by Scotch Bonnet Records. Featuring massive tunes like the most beautiful opener which is Bim Sherman's "Lightning & Thunder (Mungo's Hi Fi Remix)", the anthemic future classic that is "Dance Inna New York" by Chief Rockas ft. Supercat, Nem's highly melancholia-driven piano-led "Purest Force (Mungo's Hi Fi Remix)", Dreadsquad's killer Dub excursion "Space" or the excellent Joy Division-rework "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Capitol 1212 feat. Earl 16 alongside many other great tunes this one is an essential cut for all lovers of the aforementioned genres for a reason.

04. Christian Smith & John Selway - Count Zero (Part II) [Tronic]
Dark, modernistic Techno tools for those who know. A1 tune "Delirium" is going down a gooey Acid route, B1 "Royal Movement" caters to the lovers of large scale basslines and the final B2 cut "Virtual Light" brings back excellent, pumping ClubTechno proper and therefore is the winning cut on this 12" release.

05. Air Liquide - This Is A Mindtrip [Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound]
Air Liquide are back and they're back after a long time! With the title track "This Is A Mindtrip", once again featuring the great Mary S Applegate on Spoken Word duties, we see Cem Oral and Dr. Walker explore deep, tripping Illbient structures, "Die Singende Säge" employs a subaquatic, bass-heavy ChillOut strategy and the final cut "Zeitgeber 3" kills late night dancefloors with an amalgamation of DubTechno reverberations and raw, spiralling Acid lines for a reason. Check.

06. Le Crabe & Optimis GFN - EP [Hirntrust Grind Media / Amertume / Urgence Disk Records / Et Mon Cul C'Est Du Tofu? / BRK / Bruits De Fond / Ccrecordz / I Feel Good Records / Sweat Lodge]
See review for details...

07. Various Artists - 303 303 EP [Planet Rhythm Records]
Acid, Acid, Acid. Four untitled tracks by four different, and unnamed, artists on clear vinyl, all highly addictive, banging and spiralling from here to a smoked out, strobe lit nirvana, a place of eternal workout and happiness to be found in humongous warehouses of the past or underground basement dancefloors of today. Timeless and good.

08. Hi-Ryze - 4-Track Progress EP [Yozmaz 002]
UK Techno is all the rage again these days and this re-issue is taking us back to the year 1993, a time when things were less formulaic, faster and freeform and electronic music still was a form of electronic expression. Too dancefloor-focused to be described as Intelligent Techno these four tracks fully convince with outerworldly, spine-tingling atmospheres, elements of Bleeps'n'Clonks, hints of Acid as well Motor City abstraction, making us wish that we could listen to them once again on unlimited warehouse sound systems whilst laser lights are flashing high above our heads like they did in the old days. Good stuff.

09. Koazoamo - Synapskollaps [... 001]
See review for details...

10. Heavee - WFM [Teklife Records 008]
More goodness from the Teklife camp on their 8th release which sees Heavee building a bridge between dry, dirty GhettoHouse and complex Juke / Footwork within eight tracks, oftentimes collaborating with genre greats like DJ Phil, Gant-man, DJ Paypal, DJ Rashad (R.I.P.) and Sirr Tmo. Highly recommended tunes: "It's Wack" and "Big Body Bass". 


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