Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Fofoulah - Daega Rek [Glitterbeat Promo]

Pushed on the circuit on November 9th, 2k18 via the tirelessly working Glitterbeat-label is "Daega Rek", the sophomore album by London's AfroDub duo Fofoulah which is heavily influenced by the duos extensive tour experience after the release of their self-titled debut back in 2014. Opening with the tense, short instrumental cut that is "Nyari Garong" the pair paves the way for things to come, a polyrhythmic sensory overload of sorts which is fusing traditional African Tribal percussion patterns with muffled, Sherwood'esque Dub-aesthetics, intense vocal performances in a West African language called Wolof alongside echoes of experimental PostPunk, hints of Future Jazz in overdrive mode, beats in parts infused by various forms of urban bass music and the inherent madness of musical geniouses like Matthew Herbert, Jimi Tenor and the likes of, all falling together in fascinating, highly energetic and unique fashion to make this album surely a standout piece amongst everything roughly identified as World Music / Non-Western Music these days. Get.


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