Friday, November 30, 2018

Blank Nurse / No Light - HIV 1994 [Forking Paths 015]

Put on the circuit as cassette tape on October 5th, 2k18 via Forking Paths is "HIV 1994", the new album project by writer / composer Evan Davies who is employing his experimental alias Blank Nurse / No Light for this seven track album. Dealing with the topics of depression and OCD the Canadian artist opens the journey with "Blood Fiction", a piece that fuses a beautiful, simple harp or guitar motif with Spoken Word, Electronica and Field Recordings whereas "Mocking The Ghost Of Crybaby Cobain" turns towards elements of Synth ultranoise paired up with screaming, destructive Black Metal and the "Flu Breather" explores unsettling, droning sawtooth basslines and an overall feel of warped, psyched out horror even though some melodic structures are shimmering through and a hounded lo-fi drum machine beat calls for movement on satanic dancefloors. "Outside The Clinic Is A Hungry Black Void Of Nothingness" is another call for celebration on Goth / SynthWave-infused festivities, "No Ecstasy" fuses echoes of Broken Beat with large scale Synth harmonies and EBM-reminiscing vocals whereas "Under The Vomit Moon" harks back to the art of IDM proper whilst also employing a layer of dark, desperate vocals and "TonyaHardingOJSimpsonNAFTASuicideCult Lullaby" - yes, it is spelled this way! - waves goodbye in a quite extreme manner, amalgamating crystalline, stripped down sequences and noisy, horror'esque SynthMetal parts within one track. Interesting!


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