Thursday, November 29, 2018

Streifenjunko - Like Driving [Sofa Music]

Back with their third album on the Norwegian Sofa Music label are Espen Reinertsen and Eivind Lønning, better known amongst followers of contemporary experimental music by employing their conjunctional alias Streifenjunko musically. Originally coming from a background of saxophone and trumpet the band has turned towards electronic influences with this album, delivering Ambient-infused start-and-stop aesthetics with the opener "Everything We Touch Is Electric", a piece also defined by short digital cuts and glitches alongside a melancholia-inducing, klaxon'esque layering of seemingly reprocessed plays on the aforementioned instruments whilst "Astronaut Peace" fully goes down a droning, atmospheric Ambient lane which causes mental unrest rather than a soothing feel due to its cold nature and slowly meandering sci-fi swell. Finally the title track "Like Driving", also the third piece featured on this album, indulges in full on melancholia, combining the attitude of both its predecessors in a deep, yet beautiful 19 minutes journey into the fascinating, emotional FutureJazz world of Streifenjunko. Recommended.

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