Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Katharina Ernst - Extrametric [Ventil Records 011]

Released via Austria's Ventil Records as their 011 is "Extrametric" by multidisciplinary drummer and artist Katharina Ernst, her solo album and a seven track effort of diving deep into the realms of polyrhythmic performance and multi-patterned grooves both generated through the use of drum machines and synthesizers as well as through an arsenal of live played, or sampled, percussion instruments. The results of these experimental meditations on rhythm are subsequently named "X_01" - "X_07", covering a spectrum from thrilling technoid antigrooves to complex, Drone-infested DarkJazz-related episodes via playful, melodic Dope Beats for advanced BrokenHouse / Phusion-floors - check "X_03" / "X_04" for this specific vibe - to Cold / Death Ambient and even minimalist sci-fi scorescapes as well as inward-looking, shoegazing Psychedelia towards the end. Defo a great variety and a highly interesting, unique approach towards personal rhythm science that hopefully shall be experienced by each and every vinyl collector out there. Check.


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