Monday, December 03, 2018

The Vegetable Orchestra - Green Album [Transacoustic Research 009]

Put on the circuit on November 17th, 2k18 via Transacoustic Research is the "Green Album", the latest musical outing by the infamous group known as The Vegetable Orchestra which has been using  and abusing dried and fresh vegetables for musical purposes over the course of nearly 20 years now. With the ensembles fourth album they're continuing on this path for sure, catering a vegetable menu comprised of 14 tracks over the course of 48 minutes. In this, they're touching both on genres like Contemporary Classical whilst also serving a grotesque, tongue-in-cheek take on Novelty and Phonk,  especially prevalent in tunes like "Perfect Match" and "Internal Crisis", or even bringing elements of feedback heavy HarshNoize to the table as done in "Fasern". With the epicly named "Schwarzmooskogel" The Vegetable Orchestra even manages to incorporate oriental mystique and klaxon'esque horn-resembling sequences into their Novelty Music, "Hyperroots" even leads to an excursion to MinimalHouse-infused dancefloors similar to Matthew Herbert's unique take on the sample-based edge of the genre, "Bamako" caters African-infused Tribal Funk and somehow evokes memories of Was Not Was' legendary "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" basslinewise as well as digs down into more fever'ish, yet cute, tripped out and funny tribalisms with "La Valse Ephemere". But these are only a few tunes mentioned, taken out of this extraordinary, unique and interesting album release. Check.

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