Monday, December 03, 2018

Eternell - Still Light [Sound In Silence 054]

Coming in from the Greek Ambient-staple that is the Sound In Silence-imprint is the label debut by Höör / Sweden-based producer Ludvig Cimbrelius, better known in the world of highly relaxing music under the name of Eternell. Named "Still Light" the longplay piece, which once again is limited to 150 copies, is comprised of a total of three tracks with the opener "Inner Song" paving the way for things to come over the course of 19 minutes, fusing soft, slowly moving pillows of Ambient with inward-looking, slighty twangy guitar play for ultimate relaxation. Following up is the title track "Still Light" which brings half an hour+ - sic !!! - of the purest floating comfort which might classified as Pop Ambient by some, especially by followers of the Cologne-based Kompakt label, and the final cut "Resting On The Surface Of A Stream" perfectly describes the calm, all embracing nature of this 23 minute epos built on more billowing pads and slightly esoteric, yet even more romantic guitar workouts. Beautiful.


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