Monday, December 24, 2018

Hanno Leichtmann - Nouvelle Aventure [Karlrecords 049 Promo]

Released via Karlrecords on November 30th, 2k18 is Hanno Leichtmann's most recent album outing named "Nouvelle Aventure" , a conceptual 16 track piece in which the artist distills and reworks recordings from the 70 years spanning history of the legendary 'Darmstadt Summer Courses Of New Music' in which experimental music greats like Xenakis and Stockhausen participated alongside many others over the years. Laid out as a 46 minutes six-channel sound installation and mixed down to stereo we experience Hanno Leichtmann creating a dark, tense multilayered atmosphere from the unsettling, demonic opener "Versuch Einer Übersicht" onwards, drifting into collage'esque sci-fi realms with the follow up "Kristallische Bindung", touches on Fluxus, Dada and Plunderphonics with "Selbstbespiegelung", presents haunting, off-kilter vocal layerings and intense, piercing Ambient signals with "Merkwürdige Klänge (Zwölftonspiel)", goes down on Noize vs. loop techniques in "Geschmack und Funktion" whilst exploring musical lectures vs. Ambient and Field Recordings in "Einheit Von Mass Und Zahl" or "Anmerkungen Zur Situation" just to pick a selection of tunes from this longplay piece to build a conceptual reference base of what the remixing, rearranging, relayering and compositional work on "Nouvelle Aventure" is all about.  Defo one of the most experimental, yet most fascinating and demanding albums released in late 2k18.    


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