Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Public Memory - Demolition [Felte 055]

Released via the Felte-imprint on November 9th, 2k18 is "Demolition", the new album outing by Robert Toher's musical project Public Memory. Opening with "The Line" the artist immediatly captures our attention with dark, yet melodic large scale basslines and Dope Beats bordering both TripHop and Illbient in combination with Toher's distinct voice harking back to great longing SynthPop ballads of the 80s to a great effect whilst "Red Rainbow" fully gravitates towards the haunted side of the SynthPop genre and so does "Mercy" with its touching strings and calm, floating feel atop a lively, tribalistic drum foundation. With "Falsetto" we see Public Memory explore cute, touching melodies and emotional drama, "Aegis" follows on a similar path whilst adding more ethereal vibes, echoes of Jungle and jarring low frequency synths to the mix before the "Redeemer" once again provides deeply touching melodies and a poising Goth approach for lovers of the genre. Finally we see "Doorstep" rocking every late night underground SynthWave / MinimalWave dancefloor for a reason before the final cut "Trick Of The Light" is closing the circle with more TripHop / Illbient references and ethereal SynthPop references as to be found in the albums opener as well. Good stuff. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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