Friday, January 04, 2019

Angelo Bello - GENDYN Suite [Elli Records 008]

So we're taking another view on full on computer generated, artificially composed music with Angelo Bello's "GENDYN Suite" mini album / EP which is about to be released via Elli Records on January 15th, 2k19. Using Iannis Xenakis' GENDYN algorithm as a base we see Angelo Bello provide a set of four tracks here created with the functions nonstandard sound synthesis techniques, resulting in seemingly random, yet structured compositions which resemble a shattered, glitched and decaying take on (Neo)Classical music in "Invention" whereas its follow up "Fugue 2" caters to an audience looking for the more extreme, gravitating heavily to highly digital Noize / HarshNoize from a cold, dystopian future. With "Fugue 1" we see more harmonic, yet buzzing digital data streams moving and glitching through optical fibres, providing a hefty, yet calming dose of information overload before the concluding "Ricercar" takes over, driving down a road of brooding, droning DarkAmbient combined with screeching textures and digital blips for a soundtrack for entering a hell'ish vortex or the funnel leading down to a semi-liquid vantablack maelstrom of grinding slag and sullage. Fascinating. Check.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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