Sunday, December 30, 2018

Gudrun Gut - Moment [Monika Enterprise 093]

Released on December 7th, 2k18 via the long term label staple Monika Enterprise is "Moment" , the new album by Berlin's electronic music pioneer Gudrun Gut who's been, as we all know, around since the Industrial and Ingenious Dilettantes era launched in the early 80s. Opening the fourteen track journey with "Startup Loch" we see the producer fusing elements of catchy German SynthPop with epic synth arrrangements and massive Breakbeats reminiscent of the clunkier side of the NuSkoolBreaks genre whereas "Musik" branches out into mysterious, dark'ish 4/4 based Wave territories and "Shuttle Service" meanders somewhat in between MicroHouse and MinimalWave for 72 seconds. The super short interlude "Seltene Erde" brings on dark, jarring synthesizer experiments, "Baby, I Can Drive My Car" aims straight at shuffling late night dancefloors with a love for SynthPop, Indieelectro and ElectroClash, "Boys Keep Swimming" caters smokey, big bass driven ElectroPop with quite a seductive attitude whilst "FMP" comes across as a spine-tingling  amalgamation of electronics and a reprocessed drumset that would well be suitable for the score of a forthcoming espionage thriller for a reason. With "Schienenersatzverkehr" which might by a reference to Berlin's desolate public transport system Gudrun Gut once again employs 4/4 drums and Wave / Minimal Wave-oriented synth melodies for the darker creatures of the night, "Lover" harks back to the mechanical, muffled, hypnotic speed-changing rhythms of the Ingenious Dilletantes-years, "Glieder" indulges in romantic high grade melancholia and SpokenWord poetry and "Biste Schon Weg" introduces the most abstract rhythm signatures and harshest sounds on this album albeit sporting a deeply romantic, hand-played organic bass figure as a main motif. Furthermore we see "Are You Hungry?" implementing dark, fever'ish FutureTribal rhythms of minimal nature into the albums' score, "Sein" gets down on a raw, lively MinimalWave-tip for hyperadvanced dancefloors longing for killer underground hits and the final cut "Backup" dives deeps into the realms of crackly, alarming electronics for an intense, yet highly experimental closing. Good stuff, this.

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