Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 077]

The next new album project by Uelsen's Sascha Müller has been released via Supersix Records these days, bringing on a new collection of fourteen tracks for all lovers of electronic music, opening with "Reaktorzwischenfall", a quite experimental workout combining geiger counter signatures with noisy outbursts and and twisted synth harmonies whereas "My Clean Bigger 808" provides dancefloors with a dry, and obviously clean, take on MinimalTechno before "Zerebrale Nervenstimulation" goes down the same, even more stripped down musical alley. Following up is a sequence of tracks entitled "M-king 1" to "M-king 4", all dealing with proper hypnotic Acid-infused ClubTechno for heaving bigroom crowds whereas the next subsequent series "1 Meter" to "7 Meter" goes deep into the realms of lively, partly Chicago-influenced Acid and AcidHouse vibes for real headz whilst also providing bits of super catchy AcidPhonk with "3 Meter" or exploring gooey, spiralling Acid territories with "6 Meter".


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