Saturday, January 26, 2019

Juhani Silvola - Post-Biological Wildlife [Eighth Nerve Audio 003]

Coming in from straight from the headquarters of the relatively young imprint Eighth Nerve Audio is "Post-Biological Wildlife", the recent album by Norwegian composer Juhani Silvola which is scheduled for release on February 11th, 2k19. Based mainly on an electro-acoustic approach towards composition the album opens with "Ritualrytmikk", a truly mystical piece based on multilayered (hand)claps, subfrequent bass movements, echoes and haunting atmospheres with a twist of experimental Jazz Noir before the "Machines Of Loving Grace" explore dark, cold sci-fi Noize territories and a brooding, well dystopian future vision whereas "Vaster Than Empires" weighs in an amalgamation of (Neo) Classical / Contemporary Classical string sections and scraping shifts of electronic background layers to create a tense, grinding whole which might be called out as one of the most demanding cuts on this album. Furthermore we see "20th Century Meditation" indulge in more retrofuturist sci-fi sounds, crystalline melodies and a distinct Tribal Electronica foundation for highly advanced dancefloors, the title track "Post-Biological Warfare" fuses tweeting birds, swampy, detailed modular movements and dark'ish Noise shifts with ethereal backward beams and the final cut named "Speculative Photography Pt. 1" is literally playing with fire before unleashing ghostly, outerworldly choir climaxes, Noize eruptions, droning bass pulses and further digital micromovements alongside echoes of Rhythm Industrial to form an intense closing that might reveal spine-tingling, fear-mongering score-qualities when abused as a future score for sci-fi body horror movies to come. Intense.


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