Sunday, January 27, 2019

Stephanie Pan - Have Robot Dog, Will Travel [Arteksounds 004]

Put on the circuit via Arteksounds as their 004 only recently is Stephanie Pan's first ever longplay album named "Have Robot Dog, Will Travel" which the accompanying promo sheet describes as 'a song cycle for the technological age'. Providing a bunch of nine brand new tracks over the course of 54 minutes Stephanie Pan starts her journey with musical elaborations "On Handstands", bringing forth booming, 808-heavy Electronica and a solemn, elegiac LeftfieldPop attitude whereas the "Song For Being Alone #1" relies on Noise / Rhythm Industrial eruptions for a rhythmic structure and layered melodic antigrooves as a complex, yet repetetive and floating foundation for the artists distinct vocal performance before "Song For Words Unsaid" fully goes down an experimental, yet meditative and ritualistic alley for fans of non-vocalisms and oscillating Asian percussion vibes. With "Arbitrary Failures" we see Stephanie Pan exploring more Phonk-driven territories musically, catering to fans of early Autechre or twisted Skam-releases, the "Beast" provides klaxon'esque drones and expressive vocals meandering in between full-on mystique and Experimental Opera over the course of 11 minutes before the albums title track goes down an alley built out of lo-fi electronic buzzing and what seems to be modular, vintage modulation resembling the early days of experimental electronic music production. Furthermore "Residue" , our favorite cut on this unique longplayer, serves more brooding, threatening modulation works paired with large scale bass harmonies for dark, outlandish rituals performed in alien swamps, "Bitter Dust" harks back to a fusion of highly digital Electronica fused with zither chords and a dramatic, ballad'esque take on Leftfield Pop before the concluding cut "Ron Adams" brings forth a maelstrom of dark low frequency Noize and unsettling climaxes to inject Stephanie Pan's distinct vocal style into the sonic score of the listeners nightmares for a finish. 

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