Thursday, January 31, 2019

Klangwart - Bogota [Staubgold 150]

Scheduled for release on the widely varied Staubgold-imprint in February 15th, 2k19 is "Bogota", the new album outing created by notorious experimental electronic music duo Klangwart comprised of Timo Reuber and Markus Detmer which has been making waves since the release of their first album "Köln-Olpe" back in 1998. With raw material for their recent longplayer recorded in the Colombian capital of Bogota back in 2014 and featuring quite a bunch of influential protagonists of the local scene we see the duo opening with "Porro A", a lively, well groovy percussion workout followed by "Level 4" which goes even deeper into Latin grooves and adds a bit of Future Jazz melancholia to the mix whereas "Rico" harks back to an early 'Future Sound Of Jazz' Downtempo-vibe and the "Blind Date" goes deep into spaced out uptempo territories for highly advanced late night sessions before employing a significantly slower, kinda Dub-driven musical approach. The follow up "Improv 1" brings forth more deep Latin dance grooves, "Monserrate" explores territories somewhat in between Balearic, TripHop and Downtempo whereas "Chocolate" focuses on dry, tribal'esque percussions and a raw, seductive vibe for steaming hot summer nights. Furthermore the "Drum Battle" goes down in a fever'ish, tribalistic manner, "Improv 2" fuses military snare figures with large scale grooves and the final cut "Porto B" is another frolicking, ecstatic dance piece with a slightly tongue-in-cheek side note. Highly recommended and quite a musical development from where Klangwart originally came from at the very beginning of their career.


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