Thursday, January 31, 2019

Saba Alizadeh - Scattered Memories [Karlrecords 060 Promo]

Announced for February 15th, 2k19 via Karlrecords is "Scattered Memories", the debut album of the Iranian artist and composer Saba Alizadeh who has been masterfully embracing the traditional local fiddle named kamancheh as well as electro-acoustic composition techniques throughout his career. Opening his ten track album with "Blood City", a highly dramatic variation of score'esque Desert Ambient, Saba Alizadeh paves the way for things to come, following up with the full-on, inward-looking romanticism that is "Dream" before "Colors Wove Me In Teheran" explores haunted, outerworldly tonalities alongside ancient non-vocalisms and "Would You Remember Me?" answers its question in bringing forth an most beautiful array of slowly moving Ambient pads alongside altered, morphing voices from another dimension. The following "Elegy Of Water" presents more intensely droning pads, scraping sounds, humungous background shifts and the occasional, field recorded sound of flowing water, "Scattered Drops" weaves in dreamy, balearic guitars into Saba Alizadeh's ambient'ish sound amalgamations evolving into a proper DesertBlues vibe for fans of dry and hot sunset sessions in the middle of sandy oceans whilst "Ladan Dead End (Kamancheh Version)" unleashes more highly dramatic Ambient waves emerging from the planets deepest vaults, captivating fans of Ritual Electronica, Noize and Illbient alike. Furthermore "Fever" combines a folk'ish Post-PostRock variation with most minimal Indietronics, "Greetings To Earthfire" harks back to touching Desert Ambient-vibes and the final cut "Fluid" waves goodbye in a calm, peaceful and melancholia-infused manner, being as settled and beautiful as Oriental-infused Ambient can be.


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