Friday, February 01, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2019

01. Schulverweis [Neoprimitive 003]
A hand-numbered, limited to 100 copies four track release from the relatively fresh Neoprimitive label that switched to lo-fi, underground PostPunk and (No)Wave with this one after dabbling in DarkAmbient / Drone territories with its first two outings. Defo a killer release, especially for the massive dancefloor smash that is "Clouds On Heroin" which will cause havoc in every underground batcave around the globe as well as the lovely, minimal PostPunk slow-jam "Kaputt" which is our favorite cut on this 7".

02. Various Artists - Breakin Bass [Breakin Bass Records]
A thrilling nine track vinyl compilation focusing on the well-varied bass music scene to be found in Spain which many people might be unaware of. The selection of tunes is as diverse as bass music can be with "Bloodclat" by S Curro & Manul covering a dark'ish crossover of Dancehall and Grime, The Gardener feat. SKLT SKLT's "Nube Negra" exploring laid back Catalan vibes and a killer slow motion groove, Flat Erik's "Matrix *Lost Twin Remix" bringing forth brooding, stripped down Grime flavors and the collaboration of BSN Posse & Jayeem resulting in "Calabria" even rips a well-known sax sample nicked from a House hit of the past to present an over the top GhettoBass vision just to name a few cuts featured on this recommended longplayer.

03. Various Artists [Destroy Oh Boy 002]
DarkJungle rules big time with this four tracker featuring tunes by Dr. Colossus, Aaron Spectre, Kingusi as well as General Waste & Complicit on a limited yellow vinyl 12" pressing with naturally the Remarc remix of Dr. Colossus' "Iron Dub" being the one tune that's about to receive wild crowd reactions as it delivers an excellent take on Max Romeo's alltime Reggae-favorite "Chase The Devil". Massive!

04. Breaka - Swinging Flavors #7 [Beat Machine Records]
Another sweet little 7" release on blue vinyl which caters to the needs of the very underground in terms of Bass Music and especially Jungle / Drum'n'Bass. Bouncy stuff with epic Detroit-flavored pads which will appeal to fans of the Western Lore-imprint as well as to Juke / Footwork lovers although the mastering and pressing quality of both mixes of "Damn Hot" is quite low and the vinyl itself way too lightweight and skimpy.

05. Fracture - Soundboy Get Nervous [Exit Records]
Exit Records has become, alongside the mighty Metalheadz, one of the driving forces in terms of Drum'n'Bass innovation and class and Fracture's four track EP defo proves why they've taken the scene by storm. The title track "Soundboy Get Nervous" is nothing short of a stripped down, bass heavy Halftime Drum'n'Bass banger surely made to stand the test of time, "Turbo Toms" dabbles with amalgamation of Halftime and banging 4/4 TribeTekno, "Makes Me Wonder" fuses high tech production values and a reprocessed Soul sample and the final cut "No Screwface" combines Halftime steppper vibes with a mid-90s will to experiment. Excellent stuff!

06. Various Artists - Death To Digital EP Volume Three [Kniteforce Records 088]
The legendary home of Oldskool, Breakbeat and Happy Hardcore is still alive and kicking - and they do love vinyl for sure. With artists like Wislov, DJ Deluxe, Abyss and Shoeman the Kniteforce Records-camp proves that this oftentimes overlooked branch of the electronic music scene is buzzing still and there's pretty much room for some well over the top productions for the candy raver and whistle crew. Nice.

07. Dub Phizix vs. Fixate - Hotfoot / Babalugats [Exit VS. 008]
A new round in the limited Exit Records whitelabel series and once again the artists featured on here know well how to slay, bringing forth two massive, stripped down, highly detailed and bass heavy Halftime Drum'n'Bass bangers as a blueprint for what the new school of Drum'n'Bass is all about these days - a forward thinking approach and the exploration of new levels in sound design. Great.

08. W/V - W/V [Silken Tofu 060]
See review for details...

09. Boys Noize - Killer [The Vinyl Factory / Boys Noize Records]
The remake of a classic. We all fondly remember Adamski's "Killer" and Seal's classic, goosebump-inducing vocal performance which ruled dancefloors and mainstream radio in the early 90s. Now we see Alex Ridha a.k.a. Boys Noize coming forth with an update that stays pretty close to the original cut, yet delivers a little more punch to level out with today's production and mastering standards for those willing to incorporate the occasional classic tune in their sets. Charming and useful.

10. Dave Angel - Belle Ame / Let The Sun In [Rotation Records]
Dave Angel has been a staple in the Techno world ever since and both tracks featured on this inside-out cut 12" prove that he's never lost it over the course of nearly three decades since he emerged on the scene in the early 90s. Deep, intricate, melodic Techno with a touch of Trance and a fair share of tender, floating Detroit beauty is what's to be found here and what will be loved amongst a wide range of DJ's in the future due to its timeless quality for a reason.


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