Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Kel Assouf - Black Tenere [Glitterbeat Records Promo]

Soon to be released on the ever active Glitterbeat Records label is "Black Tenere", the latest album by the 2016-founded Touareg Rock outfit known as Kel Assouf. Influenced by classic Rock outfits like Led Zeppelin, Queen Of The Stone Age and Black Sabbath as well as the life of the Touareg / Kel Tamashek people the group provides quite a listening experience over the albums course of nine tracks and 42 minutes runtime, drawing heavily from the raw, heavy and slightly psychedelic 70s vibe of their Western predecessors, especially with most fascinating songs like "Tenere", the highly energetic, polyrhythmic "America" or the dark slow-jam "Amghar", catering to those Rock Music fans all over the globe who are looking for takes on the genre that go well beyond classic American Rock traditionalisms. Check.


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