Wednesday, February 27, 2019

ViVii - ViVii [Dumont Dumont / Rough Trade Promo]

Scheduled for release via Dumont Dumont / Rough Trade on March 15th, 2k19 is the self-titled debut album by Swedish duo Emil and Caroline Jonsson, better known under the artistic guise that is ViVii. Providing a selection of eleven tracks on their firstling, including the subtle little earworm "Love Love Love" we've already featured on these pages a few weeks ago, the couple explores sonic realms of epic, yet slightly blurred and reverberating DreamPop with a romantic, sweet and well uplifting note on the opener "Pick Me Up" whereas the songs like "End Of Joy" bring on a beautiful fusion of innocent Folk and an ethereal Singer/Songwriter-attitude which is also to be found in the levitating, introspective melancholia of "Wanna Fly" which later on manages to surprise listeners with quite a funky bassline motif. With songs like "And Tragic" ViVii even provides romantic slow jams for dancefloors in love, "Suckerpunch" comes across as the next potential single and a candidate for a DreamPop summer hit with its slightly Dub-infused bass drive and "Savant" provides a beautiful organic, all embracing warmth like a lazy summer evening just to pick a few favorites from the well recommended firstling.

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