Sunday, March 03, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 081]

Just released on Supersix Records as the labels 081 is Sascha Müller's latest twelve track digital album piece which, as usual, brings a lot of musical goodness to dancefloors worldwide. Opening with "Astronaut" we see the Uelsen-based producer provide a dope, well bleepy and ever morphing take on shuffled Electro with a trancy twist which immediately takes us back to the UK scene of the 90s whereas "Black Widow" brings forth a hypnotic, electroid Acid swing bordering Intelligent Techno and "Blipp" goes deep into fever'ish, slightly tribalistic ChillOut territories over the course of eleven minutes. The subsequent "Bones And Congas" doesn't bring exactly this but more of a thrilling, spine-tingling AcidTrance vibe for purists, "Born Trippi" brings forth a happy, melodic Techno vibe accompanied by deep, beautiful House pads whereas "Brainbug" pleases the needs of those still loving the raw, unpolished Rave approach of the Italian Techno scence in the first half of the 90s. Furthermore "Breath Of The Stars" combines (Neo)Cosmic, Synth and retrofuturist Space Ambient, "Bubblegum" caters a menu of dry, compressed to distortion bassdrums garnished with swampy Acid modulations and raw claps and the following "Bürgerradio" amalgamates a massive bassline groove, razor sharp hi-hats and a muscular Techno pump for high energy primetime workouts. Finally there's the "Chamber" in which we're about to come across a subaquatic, stripped down and hard hitting variation of raw, bouncing AcidTechno / MonoAcid, "Chikatetsu" goes back to the days of breakdance / b-boying and ElectroFunk beatwise and the concluding cut "Choco Beatz Delight" provides a brutally compressed take on mechanical TechnoPhonk for a closing. Bang.


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