Friday, April 26, 2019

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - End Of Suffering [International Death Cult Promo]

After already posting the videos for the songs "Crowbar" and "Anxiety" on these pages in February and April respectively it's now about time to closely examine the "End Of Suffering", the third album released by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes which is about to hit the shelves of your favorite recordstore on May 3rd, 2k19 via the International Death Cult label. Coming at you with a total of twelve tracks we see the band leaving the PunkRock drawer they've been tied to in the past, aiming for something bigger, better and, most importantly, something that lies beyond any specific niche which they do perfectly with the opener "Why A Butterfly Can't Love A Spider" which starts off on a longing, slightly bluesy vibe before all hell breaks loose for a moment whereas "Tyrant Lizard King" featuring Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello kicks ass on IndieRock dancefloors as well as on large festival stages before "Heartbreaker" takes Indie crowds by storm with its larger than live uptempo attitude and a quite unexpected breakdown after a massive drum solo. Playing "Love Games" Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes take raw, down to earth BluesRock to a next level, flying on "Angel Wings" they're headed towards an inward looking, yet surely Grunge-infused stylistic vision of touching Pop-ballads for young girls with broken and wounded hearts, the "Supervillain" is on a tender, romantic lo-fi tip before turning into another large scale stadium anthem and indulging in "Latex Dreams" brings forth a more Funk focused side of the outfits musical work. Furthermore "Kitty Sucker" is another high octane Indie / PopPunk dancefloor jam par excellance, "Little Devil" brings on a big time bop as well as monstrous Funk for the wee hours before the concluding "End Of Suffering" caters a more intimate, Pop-oriented ballad for a proper 5 minute closing. 100% recommended, this.

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