Thursday, April 18, 2019

Xotox - Redux [Pro Noize]

Coming in only recently despite being released in 2014 is Xotox's "Redux" - the first and only full on remix-focused vinyl release put on the circuit by the ever active Paderborn-based artist who presents two original tracks and an additional selection of seven remixes on this limited to 300 hand-numbered copies longplayer. Opening with "Sla Tillbaka" reworked by Suicide Commando we're facing a hard-stomping EBM vs. HardTechno-hybrid garnished with epic FuturePop synths, Ambassador 21's remix of "Revolution Happens On The Weekend" brings forth a grinding Phonk-attitude for an intro before smashing dancefloors with hypercompressed uptempo drum attacks and cut up guitar riffs whereas "Notwehr *Aehm Remix" touches down on a well atmospheric Unformatted Breaks-tip, introducing a vantablack, post-apocalyptic vibe. Furthermore the 'Mondträume Remix' of "Sla Tillbaka" harks back to a dark'ish, melancholic FuturePop feel whilst the original Xotox track "Ritmo Diabolico" is nothing but scraping, merciless stop-and-go uptempo Hardcore for strobe lit, fog-soaked illegal bunker parties. On the flip "Notwehr *Monolith Remix" pleases followers of both Rhythm Industrial as well as stomping HardTechno and Lüneburg's Kiew handle "Sla Tillbaka" with a morphed, subaquatic bass attitude before bringing in epic, sawtooth tristesse and bleak, banging Cold Hardcore for the creatures of the night, followed by "Muito Fragil" remixed by Sci Fi Industries who are in for a bleepy, anthemic ElectroPhonk rework here. Finally Xotox closes the album with his "Guardian Angel", amalgamating multiple banging tempo layers to provide a ritualistic percussion fest for all the EBM-crowd out there. A well-drastic closure, this.  

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