Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Yvan Etienne - Twist [Aposiopese 014]

Coming in from France only recently is the freshly released album "Twist" by Yvan Etienne who's been putting out music on the Aposiopese label since 2014. Presenting a two-track album stretched out  over approx. 40 minutes here Yvan Etienne opens with "Cinq Reflectances Inversees", a distinct piece of scraping minimalism leaving the listener exposed to variations of surface noise and slightly altered Field Recordings, stripped down drone sweeps as well as metal pieces tenderly clanging somewhere in the wind before the atmosphere becomes darker, brooding and threatening all of a sudden. Furthermore "L'Energie Du Non" presents a fragile, yet intense arrangement of quivering, high pitched drones immediately putting the listeners instincts on high alert whilst inducing both lingering danger and a general feel of post-apocalyptic unease, perfectly depicting the sonic equivalent of tumbleweed slowly making its way into bleak, abandoned, decaying cityscapes of the future before entering Field Recordings mode again.


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