Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Simone Di Benedetto - Depth Sounding [Aut Records 046]

Another fresh album released via Berlin's Aut Records on April 8th, 2k19 is Simone Di Benedetto's "Depth Sounding", a sixteen track and 37 minutes spanning journey which sees the artist explore the possibilities of her double bass to a maximum extend. With most of Benedetto's compositions meandering around the magical two minutes mark her musical journey takes the listener from Jazz-oriented string plucking to deep, longing (Neo)Classical melancholia and sonic love letters to her instrument of choice, providing a focused, yet inward-looking and well calming experience for intimate autumnal listening sessions, alone and / or with a loved one. And btw - "Solo Meditations On Bass" would've been a well suitable title for this longplayer as well.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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