Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Casino Di Terra - Cosa Potrebbe Accadere [Aut Records 047]

The fourth and final album released via Berlin's Aut Records on April 8th, 2k19 is Casino Di Terra's "Cosa Potrebba Accadere", an eight track effort created effectively by the core trio of Edoardo Marraffa, Sergio Papianni and Gaetano Di Gianto with the help of several guest musicians appearing on singular tracks. Taking its name from a small village in Tuscany / Italy the longplayer comes at us with a striking expressive and expressionist artwork which in itself is as dramatic as its musical content - a highly energetic, driving and most powerful whirlwind amalgamating furious FreeJazz and aggressive, more Experimental Rock-oriented drumming with a well muscular twist, combined with high tension, score'esque elements perfect to accompany relentless and chaotic pursuits in non-mainstream espionage flics and a breathless, demanding attitude at times providing more sonic events per hounded minute than even an experienced listener can take in in only one listening session. On the other hand, compositions like "Orlando" or "Fantasma Di Nadia" even bring a distinct, yet still experimental Funk-attitude to the table which defo is about to find its way onto the more advanced and freaked out dancefloors of the planet whereas tunes like "Red Carpet" or "Belka" cater towards the needs of classical Jazz lovers for sure. Good stuff, this!

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