Sunday, April 28, 2019

Job Karma - Ebola [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Put on the circuit on April 26th, 2k19 via the ever busy Polish imprint Gusstaff Records is the new, most recent re-issue of Job Karma's 2003-released album "Ebola" which by some is considered to be one of the best releases in experimental electronic music ever to come from this Eastern European country. Originating from the Post-Industrial scene of the late 90s and opening towards darker, more ambient'ish realms ever since we see Job Karma starting off with the title track "Ebola", a 7+ minutes take on scenic Ritual Electronica bringing forth a fever'ish, yet beautiful musical link to the early dawn of humanity as a whole whereas "June" indulges in thundering, apocalyptic drum rhythms and alarmingly intense sonic depictions of catastrophic doom scenarios before "Tension" provides a serious sci-fi edge to Ambient / Electronica / IDM pioneered by acts like Single Cell Orchestra in the mid-90s with seminal albums like "Dead Vent 7", yet taking things to new levels with multilayered, reprocessed vocals and a large scale melancholia vision. With "Crawling End" Job Karma are further following the path of deep Ambient melancholia for those enjoying the beatless outings on albums like Christoph De Babalon's "If You're Into It I'm Out Of it", "Vermin" provides more of a tense, oppressed EBM feel with a demonic touch, "Primitive Matter" dives deep into hypnotic mechanical repetitions and an overall feeling of loneliness as well as deep desperation before the magnum opus "Sever", spanning a little over 13 minutes, perfectly balances IDM / Electronica pulses, Deep Listening Music-informed Drone pads and alarming sirens, causing the listeners brain to transfer into a meta-state of stasis, right in the middle between constant rest and hypertense unrest for the full course of the tracks runtime. Defo a masterpiece in terms of experimental electronic music.

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