Friday, June 21, 2019

Apologies... all those who tried to tune in to my planned guest set at the Knospt. radioshow which was meant to take place from 10pm - midnight on the Hamburg-based station FSK / Freies Sender Kombinat last night.

Unfortunately and unexpectedly the station experienced technical difficulties and therefore the live broadcast couldn't take place as planned. Interestingly these kind of technical difficulties, amongst other factors, were one of the main reasons I decided to stop broadcasting my beloved show "Die Nachtschwestern" on the station 14 years ago - a show that still seems to be held in high regard by many of Hamburg's electronic music lovers as people hit me up up to this day to talk about the long defunct broadcasts of mine - and it is sad to see the FSK / Freies Sender Kombinat still being in the same desolate state as it used to be more than a decade ago.

Therefore I still feel my decision to leave the station was right and I won't return again, not even for a guest set.


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