Tuesday, June 04, 2019

CarlYTOS - El Unico Diez: Buenos Aires & Sascha [self-released]

Coming in as super limited hand-cut release limited to only six - 6 (sic!) - hand-cut, hand-numbered copies worldwide is this bootleg / remix release crafted by Italian producer CarlYTOS who took a shot at Sascha Müller's vocoder heavy AcidTechno anthem "Work My 303" and mashed it up in a well specific, unique way on this nearly impossible to find cut. On the 'Original Mashup Mix' we see Sascha Müller's track layered by bits and pieces of an - Italian ? - live soccer commentary introwise before some traditional Latin music interplays with the storming Acid nature of the tune whereas the 'Percussion Mashup Mix' on the flip keeps things on a very similar level in terms of arrangement, yet emphasizes the drum and percussion side of things a little more for a bit of a heftier overall punch. Collectors item, this.


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