Sunday, June 02, 2019

Oriental Winds Of The Baroque - Oriental Winds Of The Baroque [Simax Classics]

To be released via Simax Classics somewhen in June, 2k19 is the first same titled longplayer by Oriental Winds Of The Baroque, a multi-artist, multi-cultural album concept which is part research, part documentation and part artistic interpretation on as well as exploration of a possible cross-cultural spread and cross-pollination of (Folk) music before the baroque period, especially between and in the realm of Norway / Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the North African / Oriental parts of the know world inhabited by Moors and Arabs as main and dominant forces in the latter named areas. These connections are made and fortified by a five-piece group of musicians - Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, Nils Økland, Elisabeth Holmertz, Kouame Sereba and Jesus Fernandez Baena - within 13 compositions stretched over little more than an hour, meandering through various styles and incarnations of Traditional / Folk music from the many regions mentioned above, presenting them in a very intimate, distinct and direct recording style that makes the listener actually feel like a part of a live audience rather than a lonely (headphone) consumer whilst the band outfit is building, sometimes unexpected, bridges between the different types of music performed, making a clear statement about the initial theory and idea behind the project. Still, Oriental Winds Of The Baroque is not necessarily an entertaining album in itself and might seem well lengthy at times and therefore will rather be picked up by die-hard Worldmusic fans and music theoreticians than by a widespread audience looking for something more easy to digest in this specific field of sound.

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