Sunday, June 02, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2019

01. baze.djunkiii - The Gangster Files [Intrauterin Tapes 009]
See release info for details...

02. DJ Nate - Take Off Mode [Planet Mu Records 406]
See review for details...

03. DJ DR-660 - Sex Music [FTP 006]
Is GhettoBass making a return? According to the sound featured on DJ DR-660's latest four tracker it seems exactly like that. Super sexy cuts which do easily and nicely fit in between classic tunes once released by Electro Funk Records, Databass Records and the likes of despite showcasing a more intricate, romantic overall twist to the genre. Good stuff.

04. Dustin Zahn / Emmanuel - Modern Penetration [Enemy Records / Arts Records]
Raw dancefloor goodness. Four tracks on this split EP for peaktime Techno abuse with especially Emmanuel's "Visible Invisible" standing out as a perfect, yet updated emulation of epic late 90s TechTrance brought to us by labels like Hamburg's Superstition Recordings back in the day. This track was already mistaken as a beloved classic tune in a live club context despite being brand new on the circuit when I played it out which defo can - and should - be seen as a seal of approval for sure.

05. Deformer - Bukkakecore [Redrum Recordz 054]
Oh, what a joy this purple / violet 12" vinyl pressing is. Coming at us with a great name, matching gore'ish and defo NSFW artwork and sound we see Deformer provide four tracks mostly meandering in between DarkJungle / Breakcore terror with massive, complex beat structures and the occasional branch off into Hardcore and Crossbreed, bringing forth quite a few tongue-in-cheek samples and a good portion of super dark humor which we do enjoy quite a lot these days. Killer.

06. Mark Broom - Drift [Frame Of Mind 012]
A proper flashback with this one. Mark Broom sees some classic tunes re-released via the Frame Of Mind-label which puts six of his cuts out on the circuit again on translucent, light yellow vinyl here. With all tunes being proper bass heavy we're taken into the realms of fast-paced, well-crafted UK Techno and Wonky Electro here, rediscovering some forgotten, high quality tools for the experienced DJ for sure.

07. Alessandro Adriani - Fuoco [Mannequin Records 119]
One from the dark side, this. Delivering both dark'ish, tense yet atmospheric Techno with a slightly EBM-informed twist as well as distorted Industrial-influenced Electro bordering Phonk and even ElectroBreaks this fresh 12" release surely has something to offer for the more advanced dancefloors and DJ's out there.

08. Blitzzega - Chavalo [Forced Nostalgia]
Crossing over between SynthPop, ItaloDisco, Electro and a little bit of kitsch this 12" and the four mixes of the title track surely bring on a big smile to our faces no matter where it's played out - especially with the so-called 'MDMA Remix' on B2 throwing in a little seductive and well uplifting Acid melody for the real headz.

09. Palermo Disco Squad - Stadio EP [Bordello A Parigi]
ItaloDisco meets Electro meets a good portion of sweet kitsch - that's the secret formula of this four track EP and defo one that will work dancefloors proper everytime it's played out... or might catch stiff crowds totally of guard for a reason. If you could boil down the essence of summer into music this'd be the result for sure.

10. Spime.IM - Exaland [-OUS 019]
See review for details...


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