Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Jörg Piringer - Darkvoice [Transacoustic Research 010]

Scheduled for release via Transacoustic Research on June 7th, 2k19 is "Darkvoice", the new conceptual album outing created by composer Jörg Piringer whose ideas revolve around the creation of an artificial electronic secret language not be understood at all, inspired by the idea and existence of certain coded language types like rotwelsch and the likes of which only are, or were, decipherable by those moving in certain circles at the times of their usage. Using manipulated voice and electronics as the base for the sounds on "Darkvoice" we see what once was the artists original voice totally warped and obscured, blending into stoical MinimalTechno-resembling dancefloor sounds in "Mmmma", dry, yet tongue-in-cheek RoboPhonk in "Menn", clean, scientific electronic signals bordering Max/MSP'core as well as Clicks'n'Cuts in "P A" whilst "Peed" presents an intense droning, buzzing high speed experience and "Dig" digs into a brooding variation of digital Noize which, in its various pulses and sequences, causes a state of unrest in the faint hearted for a reason. With "G-Singe" Jörg Piringer provides more of an abstract take on glitched out Phonk and overlapping, interfering rhythm signatures, "Raacc" heralds a forthcoming apocalypse in a well threatening manner and "Bbbbb" brings forth icey winds from a post-apocalyptic, exoterrestrial future for a reason. Furthermore "Teew" even takes a shot at abstract, yet dancefloor functional Techno, "El Sys" is deep into well humorous sound morphings and over the top hilarious bass melodies whereas the final cut  "Hoit" might be described as variation of Ritual Hardcore and secretive black digital celebrations for those in the know. Interesting stuff.

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