Saturday, July 06, 2019

Andrew Poppy - Hoarse Songs [Field Radio]

Soon to be released via the label known as Field Radio is Andrew Poppy's brand new album "Hoarse Songs", a conceptual longplay piece revolving around piano, electronic music, orchestral textures - and vocal performances in general, fusing several styles and variations, bringing together fusions of previously unheard qualities and dabbling with the idea of a multeity of artistic entities bouncing their individual ideas on, and off, any given track on the album, creating a creative cascade of sorts. Opening with "Song Tide (Interrupted)" we're lead into a world of Pop-infused (Neo)Classical/ Contemporary Classical piano lines presenting a certain drive and friendly playfulness for a start before "Rainy Must Kiss Everybody" changes course towards a neon 80s vision of stripped down, minimalistic ElectroPop / SynthPop of Yellow'esque qualities whereas "Wave Machine (Endless Parting)" incorporates opera-reminiscent vocals, dramatic pianos and ever spiralling (Neo)Cosmic / Synth in one single composition. With "Downside Up" Andrew Poppy combines a certain swing, Dub-influenced basslines and looped Future Jazz, "What Alice Said" branches out into scenic, ballad'esque Broadway Pop, "Riderless" combines formal baroque dance and lo-fi electronics with a tongue-in-cheek twist over the course of 9+ minutes and "What Is This Place" could well be placed within a dramatic modern opera for many a reason. Furthermore the "Cyber Spark" brings forth what can be described as dark'ish, brooding undertones to the drama it presents, the "XY Song" unfolds its crystalline, retrofuturist magic and hypermelancholia - the latter evoking memories of Cosmic Baby's 90s Techno Opera "Futura" for some reason - atop a foundation of intense, raw and hypnotic electronic pulses before "Hoarse" harks back to dreamlike piano purism for a calm and peaceful closing. We'd be curious how this diverse conceptual and widerangeged musical approach would translate as an actual stage play.

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