Thursday, July 18, 2019

Luis Fernandes - Demora [Room40 Promo]

To be released via the Australian imprint Room40 on on July 26th, 2k19 is "Demora" which is the first solo record by composer Luis Fernandes. Based upon a foundation of modular synthesizer works we see the Portuguese artist embark on an approx. 38 minute journey with the track "Rising Edge" which combines digital surface scraping with icy Ambient arrangements whereas the follow up named "Fractured Harmony With Pulse" dives into sonic waters influenced by classic Synth and vintage Cosmic stylewise. Furthermore the subsequent cuts "Demora Pt.1" and "Demora Pt. 2" provide more of  Luis Fernandes' strangely distant, super clean and frosty signature Ambient sounds before the final "Refracted Cloud" brings forth 160 seconds of calm, combined with warped, electrical buzzes and a feel of twisted inner isolation for a closing. Defo a more average, not necessarily essential addition to the Room40 catalogue, this.


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