Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Zeitkratzer - performs songs from the albums "Kraftwerk 2" and "Kraftwerk" [Karlrecords / Zeitkratzer Productions Promo]

Following up to their 2017 released quite similarly named album is Zeitkratzer's "Zeitkratzer performs songs from the albums 'Kraftwerk' and 'Kraftwerk 2'" which will be released via Karlrecords / Zeitkratzer Productions on CD and vinyl respectively on July 19th, 2k19. On this second longplayer we see the renowned ensemble led by Reinhold Friedl adding their specific, unique touch to four more of Kraftwerk's early Avantgarde / Krautrock classics, opening with the mellow, well dreamy "Harmonika" which defo can be seen as a lovely piece of ProtoAmbient masterly performed and executed on real life instruments before the beloved "Stratovarius" is as tense, intense and oscillating as the original in its recent score'esque and Film Noir reminiscing interpretation which, after a chaotic and noisy sequence, drifts of into meandering Krautrock signatures and even driving Jazz territories accompanied by mad nervous background string works for an additional layer. Furthermore "Vom Himmel Hoch" starts on a well brooding, dark'ish tip only to evolve into an ever climaxing crescendo of fear and sonically induced horror before "Wellenlänge" closes out on a calm and peaceful wavelength with hovering atmospheres and tender, inward looking guitar works highly recommended for all fans of PostRock and / or Indietronica. We like this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks but the album has a different title than the 1st:
the new one is called
"performs songs from the albums "Kraftwerk 2" and "Kraftwerk"


9:23 AM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

correction applied

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