Sunday, July 07, 2019

Yair Etziony - Ingress [False Industries 025 Promo]

Put on the circuit as CD and MC - yes, cassette tape! - via the False Industries label on May 3rd, 2k19 is "Ingress", the latest full on album outing by Israeli artist and producer Yair Etziony which is now based in the German capital of Berlin. Presenting a total of five compositions over the course of approx. 57 minutes playtime, all shaped and sculpted throughout a period of serious illness, the album opener "Throbbing Coldness" brings forth a calm, minimalistic take on Isolationist Ambient which defo feels a bit frosty but neither hostile nor deadly whereas "A Residue Of Optimism" is more of a static, slowly evolving drone fest for deep meditation before turning into something a little more dramatic vibewise and the title track "Ingress" follows on a deep, solemn and slightly melancholia-inducing Ambient path that is best to be explored throughout a cold winter night. Furthermore we see Yair Etziony floating along a calm, comforting stream of sonic waves with "Katajonkka" and the concluding trip to "Station 61" leads into a realm of dreamy twilight, sparsely populated by haunted souls drifting over from a parallel world, an acoustic upside down of sorts in which the perception of time and its progress starts to blur and fade within minutes.


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