Thursday, August 29, 2019

Dzykin - Noisetape #1 [Harsh Noise London Recycled Tape Series #19]

Another fresh, limited to 30 numbered copies release on the underground tape imprint that is Harsh Noise London is Dzykin's "Noise Tape #1" which was sitting in our postbox only quite recently. Put on the circuit on a recycled C60 cassette we see the artist provide quite a hefty lot of 22 tracks over the course of the whole album, mostly comprised of a grinding, gritty maelstrom of slowly evolving, in parts even static lo-fi Noize of raw, rudimentary nature, partly reminiscent of unprocessed electric crackles and buzzes whilst the flipside even introduces screeching feedbacks, morphed high frequency bleeps and other forms of extreme sound art to penetrate your skull and torture your braincells. A release surely most appealing to die-hard fans and collectors of everything Noize they can find. 


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