Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Kikiriki - Perceivers [Harsh Noise London Recycled Tape Series #18]

Coming in only recently from the London-based underground cassette imprint specialized in recycling old tapes that is Harsh Noise London is Kikiriki's "Perceivers", a limited to 30 numbered-copies, five track DIY album effort from the deepest vaults of the musical underground. Self-recorded by Nina F a.k.a. Kikiriki we're experiencing a wide variety of lo-fi Noize with tracks developing from twisted bleeps into slightly rhythmic variations, from bass heavy drones into aggressive midrange attacks featuring brutal feedback sweeps and filters, yet also bringing forth seemingly harmonic drones as an overlay for heavily morphing distortions and a dark, ever grinding maelstrom representing echoes of a long gone exoplanetary storm recorded and amplified by a magnitude of 9000. This one's for the true fan and collector of highly experimental (non)music.


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