Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sweeney - Human, Insignificant [Sound In Silence 067]

Another fresh one just released on the Greek Ambient label Sound In Silence is the sophomore album by Jason Sweeney a.k.a. Sweeney for the imprint. At least under his real name, this is, as he also has put out longplay outings on Sound In Silence under the artistic disguise of Panoptique Electrical. With "Human, Insignificant" the South Australian-based artist reveals a totally unexpected side of the usually Ambient-focused label catalogue with the eight songs - yes, songs! - featured on "Human, Insignificant", all of them fragile, tender and highly emotional, built on a foundation of slightly processed piano accompanied by sparse electronic textures, telling tales of melancholia, brokenness and intimacy, hurt, recovery and romanticism, sometimes even touching on the recitational side of the goth spectrum in songs like "We All Seeing" whilst the albums title track brings forth more of a dramatic, dark'ish post-crooning attitude and "Desire, Decayed" could even be well fitting with those loving the most poetic, ballad'esque moments of infamous SynthPop-bands like Depeche Mode for a reason, not forgetting "Manifest" which turns out to be the most intense, yet most beautiful piece of songwriting we've come across in ages. A pleasant, emotional surprise and quite a bold statement for Sound In Silence to release an entire vocal-focused Leftfield- / PianoPop album amongst a catalogue of mostly soothing instrumental Ambient music. Check!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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