Saturday, August 17, 2019

Todd Anderson-Kunert - Conjectures [Room40 Promo]

To be released via the Australian label Room40 on August 23rd, 2k19 is Todd Anderson-Kunert's two track album named "Conjectures" in which the artist exclusively works on the rare Moog System 55 for his minimal and droning compositions. With the opening tune "I See What You Mean" we see the composer putting a main focus on providing an organic, mostly sinewave-based low end as a foundation for a most beautiful take on the Ambient genre introducing slowly evolving modulations and tender midrange pads as well as layers of single note pulses whereas "It Feels Right", the second tune on this 31 minute album, brings forth brooding, klaxon'esque sawtooth bass pulses coming at us from subsurface levels like signals from another, possibly primeval world as a sonic, time deteriorating Ambient agent created to alter our perception of the world for now and ever. Lovely.


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Thanks for the considered words and support!

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