Sunday, September 22, 2019

Los Piranas - Historia Natural [Glitterbeat Records 081 Promo]

Coming straight out of Bogota / Colombia are Los Piranas, a trio comprised of Eblis Alvarez, Mario Galeano and Pedro Ojeda whose third album "Historia Natural" is about to be released via Glitterbeat Records on October 11th, 2k19. A third album only as the members have been making music together since their formative high school years and have, each on their own, become internationally renowned musicians in their own right before recording their very first Los Piranas album back in 2010. And what a ride this "Historia Natural" is and has become - a super fast-paced, haunted take on warped, psychedelia infused action scene scores for espionage soundtracks, spaced out Easy Listening Super Funk from another planet like to be found in the highly seductive grooves of "Puerta Del Sol" whereas the haunting "Espiritu De Los Seres Humanos" provides a fascinating addition for DJ-sets in your local high class dance parties attended by friendly posh mutants emerging from your 70s low budget sci-fi movie of choice. "Todos Tenemos Hogar" brings on more Latin Psychedelia mixed up with twangy Western guitars, "Palermo's Grunch" goes even deeper into echo-heavy giallo party instrumentals whilst "Te Regalo Una Licuadora" speeds things up even further to near ridiculous levels somehow evoking memories of the very first Jeans Team 7" releases on their short lived Nadel Eins label and "Quedar Bien Con El Oyente" seems to be a never heard of variation of Colombian Psych Dub only to name a few killer tunes on this great album. This is wild. And unique. Get.


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