Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ensemble Neon - Niblock / Lamb [Hubro Music]

Put on the circuit via the Norwegian Hubro Music-imprint on August 9th, 2k19 is the latest album effort of Ensemble Neon which are taking on two extended, droney compositions by composers Phill Niblock and Catherine Lamb on this longplay piece. Opening with Phill Niblock's "To Two Tea Roses" we're exploring a 23 minutes spanning steady flow of droning, yet friendly and organic Ambient music of a both soothing and hypnotic nature, accompanied by tender melodic textures hidden deep in the mix and somewhat comparable in its trance-inducing feel with echoes and faded vibrations of ancient didgeridoo motifs still present in rural, untouched places located deep within the Australian outback where the native dream-time is still intact and undisturbed. On the other hand Catherine Lamb's "Parallaxis Forms" stays on an Ambient-infused path, yet is bringing forth more naturalistic mystique as well as more obvious references to the ensembles background in (Neo) Classical / Contemporary Classical music due to the use of distinguishable, yet droning string movement and melody as well as ethereal, floating non-vocalisms as a part of the compositions instrumentation. Deep.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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